Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving, yall.  Here's a new song!
This song is being released in support of my upcoming performance at the 2013 EFRYTING DRIVE, a blanket/clothing drive put on every year by my man Jessie Sponberg aka Ozone.  This is a song about homelessness, amongst other things.  This is a song about people sleeping outside in the winter cold this holiday season while we are inside our warm homes eating thanksgiving dinner.  I hope that this song and this short piece of writing encourage you not just to give thanks, but to gather as many blankets, warm jackets, gloves, hats, and sleeping bags that you can, and bring them to the EVERYTING DRIVE at Caddigan's Corner Bar on December 14th.  The event is free and starts at noon.  I'm performing in a 20 minute showcase of my crew, Proper Knocks at 8pm.About the song:
I wanted to write a song about the fear-driven anger that a homeless person can feel as a result of years of hard living and difficult circumstances. Of course, many homeless folks remain amazingly positive, but I wanted to paint a picture of the anger and the acts of desperation a person can take when they've been mistreated and neglected by society. There are, no doubt, savage moments that occur in the street life, but I hope to suggest that anger and desperation come from neglect. The "wolf" I'm speaking of is not the person, but the negativity itself. There's an old Cherokee story that many of you may have heard, in which an elder tells a child that every person has two wolves fighting inside them. One wolf embodies the negative emotions: anger, arrogance, self-pity, etc. The other embodies positive attributes: love, kindness, perseverance, and so forth. When the child asks which wolf will win, the elder replies, "the one you feed." So the negative aspects of a person experiencing homelessness are a result of the dark wolf being fed too much, by that neglect and abuse, that cycle of bad living. 
More about the 2013 EFRYTING DRIVE:
I hope you enjoy the song and come to the event!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cholo Handstyles

I bought a shirt today with a design that made use of a Cholo graffiti style, and i got to thinking... I'm about to put this shirt on my back, but I really don't know anything about the culture behind this style of graffiti.

In this giant culture machine we're a part of, especially in hip hop culture and graphic design, so many elements are referenced and re-contextualized from different cultures and subcultures...  But how many of us know anything about what's being referenced?

This post by Mene One, who writes a rad blog called Handselecta (now over on 12ozprophet) , is a good intro to East LA Gang Graffiti, and led me to a great post by Charles "CHAZ" Bojorquez.

"The Los Angeles walls are an unofficial history of the Mexican-American presence in the streets of East L.A. This traditional form of Los Angeles graffiti is a graffiti seeking RESPECT (something all graffiti has in common). They are markings by generations of rebellious youth announcing their pride and strength to all outsiders. I feel that by writing your name makes you exist, how you write makes you strong, and by writing on the wall, it makes you immortal. It is graffiti by the neighborhood, for the neighborhood. That's another difference between Cholo and Hip Hop. In Cholo, usually one writer writes for the whole gang, and only writes within their own territory. In Hip Hop graffiti styles there is an individual focus, where 'getting up' all-city or all-state with your tag is more important. Generally speaking, the typeface of Hip Hop tags changes to a more personalized upper and lower case free-script"


One thing that strikes me is although East LA gang graffiti is not as much about the individual, more about representing the barrio, yet it still grapples with the same issues of personal expression and the need to say "I'm here."

Here's a rad photo set from "Kid Deuce" on flickr showcasing some Cholo graffiti from the early 70's.

Hopefully more to come, as I'm interested in learning more about the history, and the construction of the handstyles, of Cholo graffiti.

Chromeball Incident Wrap Party

The Chromeball Incident is a blog that has interviewed a lot of pro's that were very instrumental in the development of skateboarding, and is lauded for being able to get more honest interviews out of a lot of pro skaters than any magazine could.  In that way it's become, for many, a great way to get a deeper look into the culture that they love.

Tonight in Portland they had a wrap party - the blog will cease updates sometime real soon, and they wanted to celebrate the good times with the help of their friends at Cal's Pharmacy skate shop.  I checked it out and snapped some pics with my crappy iphone 3.  There were lots of boards, ads and artwork hand picked by the guy(s)? behind Chromeball.   I met Lance Mountain, and some more pro's showed up later including Koston and Malto.  The air was thick with anticipation for the Street League  competition on Sunday.  This is a good time to mention that Cal's Pharmacy, though they took a haitus, have been a Portland staple for years and are down for the cause.  If you haven't yet, you should check them out on 14th and E Burnside.

 gino ianucci board.  gangster.

it was hot and smelled like sweaty people

 The chromeball incident nike sb dunk
 P-Rods bus in the background?
Lance Mountain!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

upcoming gepetto sheeeeit

hey guys, quick update:

1) first&fifteenth beat tape series: on the first and fifteenth of every month, i drop a beat tape to get you through that time of month when you may be looking at your paycheck and feeling a little, well, depressed about your entire life.  Listen to some beats, it'll cheer you up.

2) fireflies EP with hand made packaging, delayed due to financial reasons, is still coming!
i'm scheming on a release show that is a combination music performance and visual art show featuring some of my hella talented friends.  Especially stoked to show you the photo series me and my dude Baker Poulshock are working on.

3) Hold the Torch video: me and Matt Walsh, the guy who did my Fireflies video, are doing another video for a song off the Fireflies EP that no one has heard yet.  We're filming weekend after next, I'm stoked!

4) Big Bang (my crew) has a project recorded, just needs mixing and mastering, no solid plans on when we're releasing it, but it's coming soon.  We're also working on a video with Baker Poulshock.

5) Big Bang Tour: oregon, washington, idaho, montana.  Doing a tour EP for it, already finished it actually.  I'll give you guys a glimpse, but only the fans who buy it from me on tour get the whole thing.